Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
1. General Options
Xopan /hereinafter / mobile application, is an internet resource, which is a platform for ordering specialists.
1. Main Keywords
Website - web resources (mobile applications) / a platform for ensuring communication between specialists and web users.
User -an individual who agrees to pay corresponding fee for getting service from specialists. Attention: people who are under age of 18 have no right to become a user. Instead, their legal representatives can become users prescribed by law.
Services - Online ordering of specialists with corresponding fee.
1. The Parties' rights and obligations
3.1. The User’s rights;
• At any time, ask questions to the technical support.
• Deactivate his page at any time.
• Choose his preferred service.
3.2. The User should;
• Access to the Website according to the rules.
• While registering and using the Website, provide only true and accurate information.
• Do not register to the Website as under the age of 18 years old user.
• Do not install, download such kind of programs which may undermine the functioning of the Website.
• Refrain from performing any action that may undermine and / or block functioning of the Website.
• Pay for selected services according to the rules set by the Website.
• Immediately inform the administration / via the contact in about us section / every single case of the breach of the user’s rights, page break or other persons’ illegal access to the user’s page.
• Do not register twice; do not create several personal pages for one user.
• Do not use automat programs to log in to the Website.

1. Rules on Posting Announcements
4.1. It is prohibited to post announcement in the following content.
• Confidential and information about the third Parties without the consent of those persons;
• Violate the copyrights of the third Party;
• Announcements containing numerous grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as incorrect keyboard usage / missing or extra spaces, common words written in capital letters / and other language usage errors;
• Obscene and pornographic content;
• Announcements containing religious, ethnic, racial or sexual discrimination appeals;
• Announcements containing violence and calls for illegal actions;
• Announcements on erotic or pornographic services;
• Posting announcements of products or services which publication is prohibited by law or requires permission;
• Posting announcements aimed to other Websites’ advertising and / or support:
• Posting announcement on non-existent goods or services;
• Posting other Websites’ links;
• Malicious software, viruses, links, spam;
• Announcements containing payable and/or payable call forwarding phone numbers.
• Information containing any kind of advertising, or any product, service, organization and / or individual ads.
• Violating the other’s right in any way.
• Not real, unreliable, false.
4.2. In case of discovering announcements which don’t comply with the rules of the Website, the administration has the right by its initiative to remove or block such announcements without explanation. In case of double violation, they will finally block the user’s profile.
5. Confidentiality

5.1. The Parties take the responsibility for the security of their passwords, and also secure the password’s confidentiality from the third Party. In case of providing the password to the third Party the responsibility and any consequences arising from it, and the risks take that Party / including, but not limited, as a result of negligence, carelessness or involuntarily after which password and user name became known to the third Party. Moreover, any action done by the Parties by the means of the user name, is considered to be done by Parties, and directly creates rights and obligations for them, except the cases, when the Parties according to the rules inform the administration of the Website on violating the privacy of the user name and password.
5.2. According to the rules of the Website the Parties are obliged to preserve The Website rules, including / but not limited to / after performing some operations on the Website must log out from their personal pages.
5.3. The Website does not bear any responsibility for any consequences caused by violation of safety rules by the Parties, including / but not limited to /, use of Parties’ personal pages, information loss and destruction etc.

Usage and Collection of Data
The app requests the permission of getting the current position of service providing user (master), to provide the direction and position to users that have posted the job, and waiting for current specialist.
The collected data is used ONLY for tracking specialists on the map, and if is needed to provide the orders position.
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